• Acoustics
    Acoustics are often overlooked and misunderstood.
    However; the laws of physics for acoustics are
    just as real as the laws of gravity.
    Do you have acoustic problems?
    - Can You Hear Echoes?
    - Can the Choir Hear Themselves?
    - Can the Musicians Hear Themselves?
    - Are the Drums Too Loud?
    - Does Congregational Singing Suffer?
    - Problems with Feedback?
  • Sound
    Sound is what a church facility is all about.

    People come to a church to hear.

    The sound should be natural and not amplified.

    The coverage should be even; + or - 2 decibels.

    How's the sound in your church? If not great,
    give us a call. We can help.
  • Lighting
    Lighting is used for more than being able to see.
    It can focus people’s attention and set the mood.

    The lighting over the congregation should be even.
    Uneven lighting will cause pastors to only look at
    the hot spots.

    Lighting over the platform should be controllable.
    By varying the brightness on the platform you can
    focus people’s attention on the pastor.
  • Video
    Video can be a powerful ministry tool.

    The screen size needs to be the correct size, not
    too big or too small.

    The screen position should be natural and should
    require minimal eye movement.

    The projected image should be bright enough to
    see a video with the lights on.
  • Church Design
    Just as a liquid will conform to a vessel your
    ministry will conform to your facility. While
    many facilities are fine for the members they
    are not visitor friendly.

    We are amazed by how many churches we visit and
    have trouble finding the entrance.

    There is a science and philosophy to how a church
    should be designed. Contact us to learn more.

Welcome To Eagle Sound and Acoustics

When The End Results Matter

No Echoes
Speech Cleary Understandable
Each Instrument and Vocal is Distinguishable
Choir Can Hear Themselves
Band Can Hear Themselves
Natural Sound
No Hum, Buzz Or Static
No Feedback
Even Sound in All Seats
"It Simply Works" (Every Time)
Clear Reference Without Loudness
Trained Operators
Sound not Noise