About Eagle Sound and Acoustics

In 1991, what is now Eagle Sound and Acoustics, started as Sound Trek in the small town of Merkel Texas. Their first project was the church Dave Gordon was attending. From that experience, other churches in the area began to hire their services.

After 10-years of design build, Eagle Sound and Acoustics transitioned into a consulting firm. This allowed him to work nationally and the ability to assist a greater number of churches.

Working exclusively with churches, Eagle Sound and Acoustics provides:

             - Acoustical Evaluation and Design

             - Sound System Evaluation and Design

             - Lighting System Evaluation and Design

             - Video System Evaluation and Design

             - Church Design

Dave has the ability to explain complicated topics in a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand manner. This, combined with over 12 years of experience as a project manager in the Air Force allows Dave to provide a level of understanding to his clients no one else can.

Church Design Team

In 2004, All Church Sound and Eagle Sound and Acoustics combined efforts on a single project. Although both had known each other for years and conversed often about each other’s projects, this was the first time working a project together.

Shortly following that project, the decision to join efforts was made, and the two companies have worked each project together since.

As past projects and comments made by previous clients were discussed, a single theme emerged. A common denominator was the complaints heard from clients about their facility design limitations.

A list of good and bad points about church design was developed. Church Design Team was formed to provide the lessons learned from others’ experience to future clients.

All Church Sound

Established in 1997 by Blake A. Engel, All Church Sound is a consulting firm working exclusively with churches locally and nationwide to provide analysis, design, testing, tuning and training of their media systems.

The primary focus of All Church Sound includes room acoustics, audio reinforcement systems, platform lighting and video projection systems. Blake has worked with hundreds of Christ-based ministries of various denominations through the years. This includes both existing and new-construction churches seating anywhere from 50 to over 5,000.

In 2004, Blake co-authored the 600-page book “Why Are Church Sound Systems and Church Acoustics So Confusing”, which sold thousands of copies worldwide. Blake continues to work with churches via e-mail, telephone and in person, helping ensure their media systems are not the weak link in communicating the Word to their congregation.