A Few Clients

Below are a small selection of photos from a few projects we have worked on. The projects can be in any phase of completion.

We update this page often so feel free to check back. For a larger view just click on a picture.

Westport Road Church of Christ, Louisville, KY

New Construction Project: We were brought into this project at the very beginning. We worked with the Architect to design this space with acoustics in mind first and architecture second. This is a prime example of how you don't have to ignore architectural design to have great acoustics. For this project we designed the Acoustics, Audio System, Video System, and Lighting System.

Vicksburg First Baptist Church, Vicksburg, MS

This was a renovation project and we were there from the start to finish. We designed the acoustical renovations, new audio system, and video system. While many of the acoustical recommendations we made conflicted with the history of the church the improvements they chose to make really improved the room. The church has several visiting music groups a year. Now many of them leave their portable sound system in the bus and use the churches new system.

Anchor Way Baptist Church, Steamboat Springs, CO

This was an interesting ministry to work with. They put the children first and the adults second. Their children’s area has to be seen to be believed. For this ministry we designed the acoustical upgrades and a new audio system.

Parkview Church of God, Yazoo City, MS

We were called into this project after their second Sunday in their new facility. The acoustics of this room were a nightmare. We designed an acoustical solution for them that really tamed the room as well as a new audio system.

Three Angles Broadcasting Network, West Frankfort, IL

This was a unique existing facility. One thing that made this project unique was this room could be configured into about 10 to 12 combinations of rooms. Another thing, it is a 1200 seat room with a low ceiling. Add to all that it is also a television studio. We provided acoustical, audio, sound, and lighting recommendations.

Spring Lake Church, Green Bay, WI

New construction multi-purpose room. This is an interim Sanctuary. The great thing about this project is the ministry understood this interim Sanctuary is the Sanctuary that will build the next Sanctuary. Many ministries take so many short cuts on their interim Sanctuary that they never get the opportunity to build there next Sanctuary. For this project we designed the acoustics, audio system and lighting system.

Eastridge Baptist Church, Kent, WA

New construction multi-purpose room. For this project we designed the acoustics, sound and lighting systems. One of the things we love to do is turn the volume down to the point that if you move you can't hear the sound. When we did this one comment we got was "You can't get away from the sound".

Calvary Chapel Spokane, Spokane, WA

Fascinating project, fascinating ministry. This church purchased an old shipping mall with a grocery store. While many ministries do this what made this one fascinating is they dug the floor out and constructed a sloped floor. For this project we designed the acoustical solution and the new audio system.