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  • Acoustics

    The acoustics of any room is the foundation for sound. Rooms used for live sound with open microphones have a much different need acoustically than a recording studio or theatre. It is very common for churches to buy several audio systems hoping to find the right one for their room. In most of those cases the problem is not the sound system but the acoustics of their room. There is no amount of money you can spend on equipment; there are no magic speakers or equipment that will fix or overcome an acoustical problem; regardless of the advertising.

    How can you tell if your church has acoustic problems?
        - Echoes can be heard
        - The pastor slows his/her speech in order to be understood
        - The choir cannot hear each other even though they are standing side by side
        - The musicians complain they cannot hear each other
        - The acoustic drums overpower everything
        - Congregational singing suffers
        - People complain about loudness
        - Feedback is just part of your ministry
        - Vocalists and musicians constantly ask for higher monitor levels

    Eagle Sound and Acoustics provides:
        - Acoustical Testing of Existing Rooms
        - Acousticical Analysis of Drawings
        - Detailed Acoustical Design

  • Sound

    Whenever a church is ready for a new sound system or upgrade they will always say; “We want a good sound system”. The problem with this statement is no definitive explanation of good. What is a good sound system? One contractors definition of good may be they will make a lot of money, another’s may be we can get rid of equipment sitting in inventory.

    The word "good" can mean different things to different people. Here’s a few of our interpretations of the word good: (contact us for a more complete list)
        - Coverage over the Entire Seating Audience +/- 2dB
        - Intelligibility Score +/- 2% of 92% in all seats
        - Clear Natural Reproduction of Sound with no Distortion
        - Must not Increase the Reverberation Time of the Room
        - Have Enough Gain before Feedback to allow someone to Stand Comfortably
        - Easy to Operate with Minimal Instruction
        - Budget Conscious (both initially and maintenance)
        - The System must take into Account Future Growth without Replacement

    Eagle Sound and Acoustics provides:
        - Audio System Evaluation
        - Evaluations of Sound System Proposals
        - Audio System Design
        - Audio System Setup and Tuning

  • Lighting

    Lighting is an integral part of your sanctuary. Not only does it give people the ability to see but can also set the mood, focus people’s attention, and assist people over 30 in hearing.

    The key design element for the congregational seating area is evenness. If the lighting creates bright and dark spots it can result in the pastor focusing on people in the brightest spots while unintentionally ignoring people in the darker spots.

    By being able to control the platform lighting we can focus people’s attention on the pastor and help prevent distractions. Most importantly anyone over the age of 30 has some degree of hearing loss. To compensate we unknowingly depend on a certain amount of lip reading. by properly lighting areas the pastor will speak from we can add intelligibility which will never be achieved with the best acoustics and sound system.

    In multi-purpose rooms lighting can be used to mentally transition the space from “this is where we play basketball” to “this is where we worship”.

    Eagle Sound and Acoustics provides:
        - Lighting System Analysis for Existing Rooms
        - Lighting System Design for Existing and New Construction
        - Lighitng System Setup and Programming

  • Video

    Video systems are no longer something new in churches. While things are improving it still remains the most misunderstood technology in churches. Here is a short list of the problems we see all across the country:
        - Inappropriate Screen Size – Too large or too small
        - Incorrect Screen Angles – Too much eye movement or worse head movement
        - Insufficient Image Brightness – Lights must be turned off to see video

    We live in a very visual world and people’s expectations are higher than ever before. At one time a video projection system was considered a luxury in churches. Today it has to be right.

    Every ministry should be using their video system to display:
        - Announcement of Upcoming Events
        - Church Information - For visitors and new comers
        - Song Slides
        - Message Outline
        - Scripture Passages

    At Eagle Sound and Acoustics we provide:
        - Projection System Evaluation
        - Evaluations of Projection System Proposals
        - Projection System Design
        - Projection System Setup, Tuning and Training

  • Church Design

    It's time to build a new facility or renovate your existing facility.

    The first step many ministries take is sending a team to look at other churches. The problem with approach is the team finds a facility they like, copy and build it, only to find out it does not meet their needs.

    Other churches will call an architect. The assumption is an architect will know exactly what they need. This results in a lot of unsatisfied customers. Once an architect completes a project they rarely return months or years later to see how well their design met the client’s needs. Also when you first meet with the architect they don’t have the job. They will listen to you for a couple of hours and return later to present a conceptual design for your project. Once people see this design there are aspects of that design that will not be changed regardless of the facts.

    The first step every ministry should take is to identify all of their facility requirements.

    Our team has worked with over 600 churches. The majority of which have been over 5 years old. We have heard from everyone about what they don’t like, what doesn’t work, and what they wish they had done different. Through the years we inadvertently became experts in how a church should be designed.

    The key purpose of a church facility is to provide a place for people to hear the Word of God. Every design decision should be checked against how well it will affect people's ability to hear. This applies to virtually every room in the church not just the sanctuary. Many ministries miss the key purpose of their new facility. It's not that they are unaware of it, but everyone assumes it will be taken care of automatically; not realizing the acoustics of each room will affect people’s ability to hear.

    Through our association with Church Design Team we can help your ministry design a facility which will truely meet your ministries needs and expectations.

  • Installation Support

  • System Optimization

  • Training

    Even the best systems will only be as good as the people who operate them.

    While there is a lot of training out there for your ministry much of it focuses more on teaching people to be a sound contractors. It’s amazing how much of this training focuses on the different types of microphones. How does this help your ministry? Which microphone is your church going to use? Simple, the one you have.

    We feel it’s more important for your people to understand how to use what you have properly, not what you don’t.

    The training we provide is not a sales pitch. While you systems may or may not be ideal they are what you have. Your ministry needs people who know how to get the best out of what you have. When your ministry has the money to upgrade the equipment selection needs to be made by a qualified professional.

    We focus on teaching your operators to be an effective part of your ministry. This includes:
        - Roles and Responsibilities Before, During, and After Each Service
        - How to Set Up, Tear Down, and Reconfigure the Equipment
        - How to Operate the Equipment
        - How to Get the Best Sound
        - How to Effectively Use Video
        - How to Make Lighting and Effective Tool
        - How to Create and Maintain Proper Relationships
        - How to Troubleshoot and Maintain the Equipment

    We do include some basic information which may bring to light flaws in your current systems. That aside; next Sunday you need the best your system can give.